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Using the Faculty/Staff Directory
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Using the Faculty/Staff Directory
Using the Faculty/Staff Directory

How To Dial Numbers In This Directory:

From Off-Campus:

  • Campus extensions (e.g. ext. 4414 ): you must first dial (641) 472-7000, then enter the extension at the prompt.
  • Starred numbers (e.g. 472-1110*): simply dial the number
From On-Campus:
  • Campus extensions: dial the 4 digits of the extension.
  • Starred numbers: dial the last 4 digits of the number.
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If clicking on an email address link does nothing and you are unable to see the email addresses:
Sorry about that! Here is a work-around—right-click on the email link with your mouse and you will see a menu of choices including "Copy email address." This will copy the email address to your clipboard and you can then paste it wherever you need it. 

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