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Welcome to the A/V Department
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Welcome to the A/V Department
The REAL SECRET to Audio/Visual
Keys to ideal audio/visual during your event
Welcome to the A/V Department
Request A/V Support
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Will my event be charged?
Critical Points regarding microphones at MUM
Important information about video taping events
Important note about furniture requests for your event
Want to help manage MUM A/V?
List of MUM Venues
IT and A/V Items available for loan to Faculty or Staff
A/V Price schedule for bona fide University Events
A/V Price schedule for Non-University Events (parties, memorials, community meetings, etc.)
A/V Documentation
Welcome to the MUM A/V Department    

Requesting A/V Support

There is no longer a stand-alone A/V form. Use this online form to reserve a room and your A/V request will be part of that process. 

If the room is for an MUM class or meeting, you can request A/V support right in the room request. If the room is for a public event, you will be emailed the A/V form when the event is approved. 

A/V services may involve billing. Find out if your event will be charged
Important Information on A/V services
***Nothing focuses your audience's attention like beautiful A/V!
(This photo was taken at the Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah, UAE.   See )

***Time spent designing A/V for your presentation is well spent:
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