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M.A. in Maharishi Vedic Science
Science and Technology of Consciousness: Introduction to Maharishi Vedic Science

STC508-DE Science & Technology of Consciousness
The practice of the Transcendental Meditation program is required to start this program
Upcoming Course Dates:
Upcoming Course: Feb 2 2015 - March 29 2015 (8 weeks); (Easter), April 6 - April 19 (2 weeks)
You may register on: Feb 2nd, 2015

When registering at the same start date as the credit version, you will be invited to share in webinars. The webinars will be recorded and posted to the site if you do miss attending.
The Science and Technology of Consciousness is the foundation of our Consciousness- Based Education program.

We will:
  • Compare principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence and Maharishi Vedic Science.
  • Read articles and watch videotaped lectures by Maharishi that explore his model of the seven states of consciousness.
  • Investigate the structure and dynamics of consciousness, and explore the different technologies of Maharishi Vedic Science.
  • Identify the experience of pure consciousness in major world religions.
  • Study the dynamics of the TM-Sidhi program and the Maharishi Effect.
  • Compare the Transcendental Meditation program to other meditation practices.

Your experiences during Transcendental Meditation practice form the foundation for our discussions. If you are not yet practicing the TM technique, please find a teacher near you so that you can learn the practice.

This is the first course of our online MA in Maharishi Vedic Science, and is a prerequisite for all subsequent courses. Some of the other courses in this program include: Maharishi's Translation and Commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita; Discovery of Veda and Vedic Literature in Human Physiology; Maharishi Vedic Science and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; Sanskrit; Self-pulse reading.

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