Career Planning
Creating a Personal Plan    

200% of Life means living 100% Inner/100% Outer Success:
Crafting a Life of Joy and Significance begins with You

Creating a Personal Plan starts with recognizing that no one is exactly like you, that you have a unique contribution to make to the world and that only you can fulfill your dreams.  You have to do it yourself but you do not have to do it alone.  Your MUM faculty and academic and career advisors are here to help.


Career Discernment requires answering Four Questions:

1. What Skills do I want to use?
2. What Issues or Topics do I want to spend my day working with?  What really matters to me?
3. Who do I want to spend my time with?  What Colleagues do I want to collaborate with?  Who do I want to serve (who are my 'customers'/beneficiaries)?
4. In what Environment do I want to work?  In what geographical location or industry?

Once you know your Perfect Career Profile then work back from there, Research and Create a Plan:
Research: Before deciding on an occupation that might sound good but turns out to be inconsistent with what your profile describes first ask:
Where do I look for a career that fits my profile?  Who is doing something like this?  Can I find a mentor?
Plan: How do I go about getting there?

Career Assessment: Know Thyself!  
We are all unique individuals with unique talents, skills and interests.  So it can be very useful to use career assessment tools if we aim to create a career plan that plays to those unique strengths and requirements in a practical way.  Please click on the "Career Assessment" tab at the left margin to see details.

Creating Your Brand: Professional Name and Email Address 
Any career needs to start with communicating who we are through our 'professional name' and 'professional email address' so employers can readily identify us and so others will perceive us as being professional.  Please refer to "Creating Your Brand: Your Professional Name and Email" tab for advice on 'branding' yourself by choosing a name and email address that will work for you.

Career Toolbox
The "Career Toolbox" tab will lead you to tools, such as, the short professional statement, STAR stories, social media, interviewing skills, recommendations, resume and cover letter, and salary negotiations, that will make your career efforts effective.  See tab at left margin.

Good Job Hunting
For job search advice and resources please refer to the "Good Job Hunting" tab at the left margin.

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