Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning    
MUM Career Services is available to work individually with every student, to assess personal interests and career goals, and tailor Field Experience to individual aspirations.  Field Experience is education gained outside the classroom setting. 

We start where you are with: 
  • Conferences and Lectures    
  • Job Shadowing
  • Service Learning
  • Academic and Non-Academic Internships
  • Networking with Alumni 
Field Experiences not only look great on your resume, but they are an excellent first start to your professional career. If you are unsure about what career path you'll take, job shadowing or an internship will often help you decide if what you are considering is right for you. The main purpose of the Office of Experiential Learning, which is part of our Career Center, is to provide you with guidance throughout through out your time here at MUM.  Depending on your major please feel free to contact your academic advisor at any time with any questions or concerns.
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