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Student Success Center
Student Success Center    
The Student Success Center was created to help maximize students’ success in all areas of their daily life at M.U.M.  We offer academic support, academic and career advising, internship assistance, new student orientation, peer mentoring, and a variety of workshops. 

The Student Success Center provides assistance for students who need an extra boost in their study and language skills so they can take full advantage of the University’s unique educational experience.

We use the traditional approaches to study skills, writing, and ESL. These include lessons on goal setting and time management, active listening and note taking, efficient study, reading, preparing for and taking exams, paragraph development, and grammar exercises.

The Student Success Center is available to all students who are looking for support regarding academic or personal issues. It is located in room 105 of the Dreier Building. The services include:

  • Academic Advising: Offers academic advising for student who have not yet decided on a major
  • Learning Assistance: Provides assistance for students who need an extra boost in their study and language skills
  • Personal Support Center — offers consultation and resources to help students resolve issues for their own growth and to help them feel more comfortable and happy with all aspects of their lives at MUM.
  • Resident Advisor (RA) program has been designed to promote the comfort and convenience of your student residence experience. RA’s provide peer support in the residence halls.
  • Special needs — MUM recognizes that qualified students who have diagnosed or identified disabilities are entitled to benefit from the educational programs of the University if reasonable accommodations can be arranged.

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Contact Information
Dreier Building #105
Office Hours 10am-4pm
Monday thru Friday
extension 1229 on campus

Sheila Swanson
Director of the Student Success Center

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