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"Music raises life to Unity Consciousness, in which every boundary breathes the melody of the unbounded" —Maharishi

1. "Maharishi on Science and Technology"
Sample show from Maharishi News Conferences - Wednesdays live broadcast at 10 am. Rebroadcast at 8 pm, Fridays at 6 am, and Saturdays at 2 pm. 

2. "Creating Peace: Unified Field" — Prophets Conference Talk
 Dr. John Hagelin's talk to the Prophets Conference in Santa Monica, Ca Feb 4-6, 2005. Dr. Hagelin electrified the crowd with his talk "Creating Peace: The Discovery of the Unified Field and its Practical Application to Prevent Crime, Terrorism, and International Conflict." After his presentation, he was mobbed by the audience, and his book Manual for a Perfect Government sold out in minutes. Participants praised the talk not only for its profound exploration of the nature of reality but also because it offered hope for the future by providing practical, field-tested solutions to society’s problems. [mp3 55 min, 19 MB ]

3. "Why Our Brains Age: And What We Can Do To Stay Youthful"
Dr. Alarik Arenander of the Brain Research Institute discusses his new course "Why Our Brains Age: And What We Can Do To Stay Youthful". Interviewed by Station Manager Stan Stansberry, Dr. Arenander assures us that knowledge, and following a few rules, is the basis of aging well - good advice on what to do, and what not to do to keep the brain healthy, the body strong and enjoy a fun-filled life.
Recorded Oct 15, 2012. [mp3 29 min, 8MB]

4. "The Nature of Mind in Maharishi Ayurveda"
In this profound and comprehensive discourse,Vaidya Manohar Palakurthi outlines the nature of mind, its functions and qualities, its relationship to emotion, and the central role of transcending in restoring balance and normalcy from the deepest level. Excerpted from Maharishi's Global Family Chat for Oct.31, 2012 [mp3 85 min, 24MB]

5. "The Value of Consciousness-Based Education"
New Management & Computer Science faculty Dr. Anil Maheshwari is interviewed by KHOE Station Manager Stan Stansberry. Dr Maheshwari speaks about the value of Consciousness-Based Education in helping students make the transition from academic to professional success. An admirer and student of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Maheshwari talks about his tribute to the great statesman and peacemaker, co-hosted with M.U.M. Professor Evan Finkelstein Saturday Oct.6 in Dalby Hall. Recorded Oct.2 (Gandhi's birthday). [mp3 25 min, 7MB]

6. "An Evening of Knowledge Poetry"
Isabelle Levi, Bill Graeser, Suzanne Vesely, and Ken Chawkin read poems unique to the environment of Maharishi University of Management and the Fairfield community. Librarian and poet Rustin Larson was master of ceremonies. Recorded August 25, 2012 in the M.U.M. Library
[mp3 65 min, 19MB]
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