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Educational Lean at MUM    
Educational Lean enables us to do less and accomplish more — to streamline our processes, improve services, increase customer satisfaction, and build capacity for enrollment growth, and conserve resources.

In 2011 we had a leading expert in Lean for higher education come to campus and train 23 people to be “Educational Lean facilitators” — including most of the Executive Council as well as staff and faculty members, with a good number of our younger staff.

Almost immediately we discovered that the people working in the areas that have had Lean facilitations get really inspired. They realize they have the power to create change, and they see these changes translating into better service and happier customers.

If you would like more information on Educational Lean, see our Educational Lean Introduction. If you would like to take a course on Administrative Lean, read the following:


MUM faculty, staff, and students now have free and unlimited access to the Lean for Administration course, a comprehensive online Lean training course developed by Lean Ethos. Jimmy Sinton kindly assisted in this acquisition.

We want to create a Lean culture at MUM, so we encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity! This is now the first step in becoming a Lean Facilitator.

This is a highly interactive course with a menu structure that allows you to work at your own pace and your own sequence. Once you’ve completed the course and obtained a 75% score for the final quiz you will receive a certificate confirming your new status. This course has been offered at over 200 universities and is widely recognized in many industries.

professional Administrative Lean course can be accessed through the campus network and can be taken in sections (the complete course takes 30-40 hours).

No user name or password is needed. A menu button on the top opens an index on the left so you can navigate to any part of the course:

We suggest you check out these sections:
  • Navigation
  • Introduction
  • Office waste
  • Elements, rules, tools of Lean
This is a great resource tool for current and future Lean Facilitators and anyone interested in discovering and applying Lean principles to their area.
We hope you enjoy this course!

We Welcome Suggestions    
If you would like to have a Lean facilitation for a process or series of processes in your area or have a suggestion for a Lean facilitation in another department or across several departments, please send us your suggestion in an email!
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