Resume Support: Ask for Help!

The most important advice in writing a resume is to ask for help.  It is very difficult for anyone to sit down and write a well-organized and mistake-free (e.g. spelling, grammar) resume, one that an employer or recruiter won’t dismiss after giving it a quick once-over.  A resume that is not well-written or properly organized can cost you an important opportunity.

We’re Happy to Help!

Seek help from knowledgeable professionals, including faculty or staff  in your major or area of career interest (such as Diana Krystofiak, Career Advisor in the Sustainable Living Department) or career counselors ( such as Jan Sickler, Director of Career Services, or Steve Langerud - see contact information below).

Writing Help is Available at The Writing Center in the Library

For anyone, especially those for whom English is not their primary language, it is critically important to use a spell check and grammar check program like Microsoft Word and to get personal help from someone with proficient English grammar skills.  The professionals at The Writing Center are an excellent resource for getting individual assistance for any of your writing needs, including writing resumes, cover letters and academic papers.   The Writing Center is located in the Library.  Colin Heaton is the director.

The Writing Center hours are 3 - 6 pm Monday - Friday, 7:15 - 9 pm Sunday.
Or by appointment, please email or call Colin:, 641-954-2758.

Resume Writing Assistance Providers:            

  • Sheila Swanson, Director of Career Services, 641-472-1229;
  • Steve Langerud, Deputy Director of Global Expansion, Dreier 2nd floor, Legal Counsel’s Office, Extension 2404,


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