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If you want to enhance your experience of consciousness with profound and practical knowledge, then explore online courses from Maharishi University of Management. Our courses range from the scientific understanding of the cosmos to the most down-to-earth practical applications of Vedic wisdom to enjoy improved health and growth of human consciousness.

Maharishi University of Management offers online courses both for self-development and/or for college credit, along with full online degree programs. All courses support continuing education, personal and professional  enrichment.

Non-credit online courses
Students who want to register for non-credit courses through the unique subscription program or one course at a time, click here.

Credit online courses and degree programs
Students who want to take online courses for credit or want a full degree program online, please click on the program or courses below to review the online program and course offerings.
Enjoy Profound and Practical Knowledge at Home 

Many of these online courses are offered for both credit and non-credit. Our curriculum continues to grow and now includes these unique courses:                                                                                                                                                

Naturally Trim
Heart Health
Wellness Training   Maharishi Vastu-Building
Maharishi Yoga Asanas
  Essence of Buddhism
Science of Consciousness
  Self Pulse Reading
Maharishi Ayurveda Cooking
  Reading Sanskrit
Physics & Consciousness
And Many More

These courses are taught by experts in their fields. They systematically unfold a new depth of understanding of each subject. The Maharishi University of Management Online Programs gives you the opportunity to enjoy Maharishi’s Vedic knowledge in the comfort of your own home.

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