MGT 346: Career Strategies Course
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MGT 346: Career Strategies Course
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MGT 346: Career Strategies Course
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MGT 346 Career Strategies: Creating a Personal Plan for Success    
2 week 2 Credit Course offered every August & February. Residence Course/WPA Optional

This two week two credit course has a practical focus on self-discovery and career planning, that is, on doing what you are. Working with fellow students, young, successful alumni, guest speakers and faculty, students will learn to identify and articulate their skills, strengths, passions and life objectives in designing a personal career strategy for maximum effectiveness, achievement, and evolution. 

This is definitely a course for EVERYONE
Whether or not you already have a professional plan, whether you plan on:
  • Starting your own Business 
  • Going to Graduate School  
  • You have a Job waiting for you
  • You already have a significant amount of work experience
  • Your plans are uncertain after graduation
You will have the chance to use small affinity groups to explore, share and clarify your future goals and plans and develop or sharpen the tools and personal assets that will spell success for you.

What do you love doing?

Who do you want to work with? 

In what kind of environment do want to work?

Main Topics that we will address during the course

  • Know Thyself! Students take self-directed Assessments to explore matching their personality, cognitive styles, strengths and passions with possible career paths.
  • Be Yourself! Action Plan: You will design an individualized action plan and then work with the best Internet resources to research your career interests, business and service organization profiles, industry trends, etc. 
  • Networking: You will learn networking strategies, including how to use the Internet and the power of dialoguing to expand your personal and professional networks. 
  • Social Media: We will look at the increasingly critical role that social media like LinkedIn play in the professional world and create social and professional profiles.  
  • Telling Your Story and Serving Others: You will develop confidence by discovering and conveying the value of your abilities, strengths and life experience in helping others. You will practice communicating in various formats, including speaking and writing about yourself via the personal interview, cover letter and resume, as well as, using creative media (e.g. online portfolio, personal website) to communicate what you can offer to potential colleagues, funding agencies and/or employers.
  • Internships“Life-Changing” Experiences: You will learn how to find and apply for Internships, Summer Jobs and Community Service to gain indispensable experience and networking opportunities, while enhancing skills and clarifying career goals.
  • Coaching: Individual coaching/advising is also provided to help you with whatever you need to find your way forward and achieve success.  
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