How do I find an internship?
Finding a Suitable Internship    

Identify what really interests and suits you:
If you can identify who you would like to work with (e.g. individual or organization), or in what field or industry or in what geographical location then you can narrow down your search.  If you think, for instance, that you really want to work in the field of energy conservation then you can locate companies or organizations whose work you admire, call them and ask if you might do an internship with them.  Like many job opportunities internships may not exist before an interested student asks.

Ask Your Faculty/Networking:
Probably the best starting point for your internship search is to talk to faculty, family and friends to ask for suggestions, advice and connections to possible internships.

You can also do a web search using key words to identify internships or jobs with organizations or in fields that correspond to your academic and
career interests.

Local Internship Opportunities

For local area internship opportunities please visit the Media & Communication Department's page.

Sustainable Living Internship Site
For Sustainable Living internship opportunities please visit their department's site.

There are many websites where internship opportunities are listed (see list below)

Internships Sites



Project Vote Smart Non-partisan Political Action


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