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MVS510-DE Bhagavad-Gita Part 1 Chapters 1-3    

followed by MVS511-DE Bhagavad-Gita-2 Chapters 4-6

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites to taking the course? If so, what are they?
The practice of the Transcendental Meditation program is required to start the program.

What Is the Structure of DE Courses?
Each course typically includes lectures and optional readings, homework and self-study options. The homework and tests are required only if you are taking the course for credit. In addition, most professors hold several live webinars providing question and answer opportunities for course participants.

Can I Take Courses for Credit and Noncredit?
Our online course can be taken either for credit or noncredit.

Is Transfer Credit Available?
Completion of MUM Online courses for credit may fulfill a required course for a bachelor’s degree from Maharishi University of Management. Students enrolled in other universities should check with their own institutions about transfer credit for all courses.

How are MUM’s Courses Unique?
MUM courses are unique because they integrate the knowledge of consciousness into each field of study, making the courses directly relevant to one’s life and personal development.

How Does MUM Develop the Whole Person?
Online learning from MUM is unique in that many of the courses are designed to provide not just knowledge for success in a job, but knowledge to enhance your personal growth for a lifetime. No other university in the world has such a comprehensive program to develop the whole person and their health and intelligence.

Is There Any Research on the Effects of the TM® technique on Learning?
The TM technique is a completely natural, universal and scientific way to develop the full potential of the brain and consciousness. Most colleges try to load the brain with more and more facts but do nothing to enhance the brain’s ability to learn. At MUM, by helping students develop the container of knowledge -- by developing consciousness -- students find their ability to learn grows. Over 600 scientific studies have verified the unique benefits of this meditation including studies on IQ, the brain and learning. The TM technique does not involve belief or any change in lifestyle to practice it.

How long do I have access to the course?
For those taking the program for credit, course access starts the Fall Semester of 2013 and follows a semester schedule.

Will I miss anything if I register for the course after the starting date?
For those who take the course for credit, you may not register after the start date. For Non-credit course participants, course availability varies. Please see the schedule for individual courses.

Can we download the course?
Many course materials are downloadable, but there may be some course videos that are not downloadable and only accessible via the internet.

Can someone else use my account to view the course?
Your account cannot be transferred or shared by anyone else.
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