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Business Department Graduate Certificates (Online)    

​OVERVIEW: ​The 12-18-credit hour Graduate Certificate programs are attractive to those who want to explore the possibility of doing a full MBA program and to those who seek advanced preparation in specialized areas of accounting or management information systems (MIS). These courses are offered online at a comfortable pace for working professionals. 

Lean Accounting Graduate Certificate

supporting the lean enterprise

Lean Accounting systems support decision-makers in organizations that are committed to the Lean model of how to create organizational excellence. Implementing Lean Accounting and Lean Management will allow an organization to dramatically improve customer satisfaction while streamlining operations.   Learn More >

Management Information Systems Graduate Certificate (MIS)

analyzing the big data

Information technology is changing the world incredibly fast. It is offering opportunities to create new products, new business models, new efficiencies, and to get closer to customers around the world than ever before. There is a great demand for visionary and dynamic IT executives who know how to harness new information technologies and deploy them effectively in the cause of new models and new growth. Learn More >

Lean Higher Education Administration Postgraduate Certificate

efficiency and effectiveness in higher learning

The pressure for excellence has been forcing corporations to learn lean management over the past decade or so, and that pressure is now being felt by colleges and universities. Lean Higher Ed uses new technologies, alternative instructional designs, and advanced administrative practices to do less and accomplish more.

This postgraduate certificate program requires a master’s degree in business or a related field, or a master’s degree and related work experience, plus qualification for an intern position at Maharishi University of Management through the Human Resources Department. This program is on-campus in Fairfield, Iowa. Learn More >

CPA Exam Prep: Financial Accounting Graduate Certificate

becoming a CPA

This online, distance education certificate program in CPA Exam Prep: Financial Accounting is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) Exam in the USA. Credits earned in this certificate program may be used to fulfill requirements of the MBA degree, if you meet admissions requirements. Learn More >

CMA Exam Prep: Managerial Accounting Graduate Certificate

becoming a CMA

This online, distance education certificate program in CMA Exam Prep: Managerial Accounting has dual purposes:
  • to prepare students to successfully pass the examinations to become Certified Management Accountants, and
  • to provide students with the understanding and practical skills to initiate and guide continuous process improvements in accounting systems and other business areas.
Lean Management and Lean Accounting are central themes throughout the certificate. Credits earned in this certificate program may be used to fulfill requirements of the BA degree in Business Administration, or the MBA degree, if you meet admissions requirements. Learn More >

Business Administration Graduate Certificate

deepening your practical business knowledge

Entrance requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is the completion of either a four-year bachelor’s degree or a three-year bachelor’s degree with at least 15 semester-hours of additional study or the equivalent in work experience.
Learn More  >

Special Features of Our Program    

Project-Based Learning

encouraging entrepreneurship

The programs and courses of the Business Department are oriented around real-world and/or active-learning projects. Undergraduate majors write business plans for their own entrepreneurial ventures. Students in the MBA program consult with local businesses and organizations to improve their business processes and measure and improve their sustainability.

TM Practice Helps

water the root to enjoy the fruit

At the core of our Business programs is the practice of the most widely-researched program for personal development, the Transcendental Meditation program. Hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies have documented the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on learning ability, academic achievement, creativity, ego development, health, and interpersonal behavior. 

Learn from professionals

start your career

Our Business Department faculty are experienced and active in their fields - including accounting, LEAN management, statistics, law, and more. They draw on this experience in each course to help students achieve their own career goals, including helping students launch their own businesses.

Deep Sustainability & Ethics

becoming stewards of the earth

The curriculum explores issues of ethical integrity, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability to prepare business leaders to be stewards of society and the environment. Deep Green Business and Deep Sustainability refers to the transformation of consciousness necessary to truly embed sustainability in our companies and our society.


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