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Letter from Dr. John Hagelin
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Letter from Dr. John Hagelin
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MUM Annual Fund
Maharishi University of Management MUM Annual Fund Dr John Hagelin The foundation for our growth and expansion is the University’s Annual Fund—the basis for all our successes and new initiatives. Our Annual Fund drive ends on June 30 and we must meet our goal of $2.1 million. Please join me in giving generously today.

Dear alumni and friends,

Season’s greetings! As the holidays approach, we have much to celebrate at our University, with many achievements that are raising public awareness and driving student enrollment to new highs.

MUM has just been selected as one of Sierra Club’s “Cool Schools” based on all areas of campus sustainability — and received a perfect score in the food category, outranking all other universities. Our brand-new website, launched last month, has already generated significantly more leads and applications from potential students. And our partnership with TVP Communications, a public relations firm, is greatly increasing media visibility across the nation.

On a personal note, I am once again teaching my Foundations of Physics and Consciousness course to 70 brilliant undergraduates. Their radiant intelligence and thirst for profound knowledge testify to the power of Consciousness-Based education — and re-enliven my immense appreciation for Maharishi's precious gifts to us and my commitment to strengthening our University on all levels.

Last month, 125 young leaders from 40 countries gathered at MUM with Maharaj Adhiraj Rajaraam for the “Next Generation Course,” which set the stage for future expansion of Maharishi's programs around the world. In addition, 40 eminent research scientists joined Rajaraam and me to discuss groundbreaking new TM research initiatives. My own recent discoveries linking string theory with human consciousness and brain functioning have generated great excitement at prestigious conferences across the nation.

All these successes truly belong to you — and to all the visionary donors who provide the financial foundation for our educational initiatives each year. As our fall Annual Fund drive nears completion on December 31, please join me in giving generously today. In so doing we can build upon the momentum of these great achievements and deeply inspire a new generation of students—and many generations to come.

With deep thanks for your timely support, and with all best wishes for your success and happiness,

Maharishi University of Management

John Hagelin, Ph.D.
Honorary Chair, Board of Trustees
Raja of Invincible America


Copyright 2014, Maharishi University of Management. Publication or reproduction
of this communication in any form is prohibited without permission.

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