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Dear alumni and friends,

Dr. Yukio Hatoyama

We are very pleased to announce that our Commencement Speaker this May will be Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, the former Prime Minister of Japan. We will also honor him at that time with the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.

It is an enormous honor to have a former Prime Minister of Japan speak at our graduation ceremony.

Dr. Hatoyama is a member of a distinguished Japanese family, which has been compared with the Kennedy family in the US. His family has a long history of government service. His great-grandfather was the speaker of the House of Representatives in Japan’s legislature in the late 19th century. His grandfather was Prime Minister of Japan in the 1950s and helped secure membership in the United Nations for Japan. His father was Japan’s foreign minister. His younger brother served as Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

His family also has a long history in higher education. His great-grandfather, after stepping down from government service, became President of Waseda University, and his great grandmother co-founded Kyoritsu Women’s University.

Dr. Hatoyama holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Tokyo and a PhD in industrial engineering from Stanford. He was a professor of engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Senshu University.

His political career began in 1986, when he was elected to the House of Representatives. He was elected Prime Minister in 2009, and despite his relatively short time in office, he has a long list of achievements, including greater spending on education and student scholarships and free support services for people with disabilities. Under his leadership, Japanese relations with China became more cordial.

I met Dr. Hatoyama in Tokyo when I visited Japan in November 2013. I found him to be of a man of remarkable warmth and sweetness, and fascinated by Consciousness-Based education and by Maharishi University of Management. He says that while he is here he wants to witness all Maharishi’s technologies in action in the University, the School, and the community, and to feel the special atmosphere.

Dr. Hatoyama practices the Transcendental Meditation technique. He was instructed by Dr. Shizuo Suzuki-san, graduate of Maharishi University of Management and leader of the Transcendental Meditation organization in Japan.

Dr. Hatoyama will be coming here with his wife Miyuki, whom he met when he was at Stanford, and who also loves her practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and is very interested to know more about our arts community. Dr. Suzuki-san will also be joining the Hatoyamas on their visit, to look after them on their travels and during their stay.

We all look forward very much to their visit!

Dr. Bevan Morris

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