The generous support of our donors has helped to create these inspiring stories about our alumni, students, and faculty.    
Alumni Amy and Troy Van Beek Attend Paris Climate Summit    

MUM Alumni Amy and Troy Van Beek visited the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris last December, representing Ideal Energy. Amy and Troy were invited by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) as part of the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) delegation of fifteen business owners. Read more

Samantha Thomas — Raising Humanity's Consciousness    
Samantha came to MUM because she believed that Consciousness-BasedSM education would support her own values. “Being at MUM and surrounded by people who were always interested in the deeper meaning of life was really helpful for my personal development,” she said. “It helped me become stronger in who I am and understand what’s important to me. My time at MUM and learning TM have unequivocally helped me understand the true meaning of raising consciousness.” Read more
Jaimini Boender — Outstanding Student in Mathematics    

Jaimini Boender received the Outstanding Student Award in mathematics at the 2015 graduation awards ceremony. He also came in second at the 2015 MUM Knowledge Fair for his presentation on real numbers. Jaimini not only demonstrated depth of knowledge, but he spoke with confidence and enjoyment. “I thrive on a challenge in a group,” he said. Read more

Claire Potter — 2015 Salutatorian and Outstanding Student    

“Claire is the embodiment of clarity,” said Media and Communications professor Gurdy Leete. “Her life is a work of art, in such a natural and spontaneous way, serving as a model for all of society and giving us such inspiration for the future.” Claire Potter was the 2015 salutatorian at Maharishi University of Management and the recipient of the Outstanding Student Award in the Department of Media and Communications. Read more

Israeli Student Fulfills Two Childhood Dreams    

Tal Ron grew up in Hararit, a tiny village in the mountains of northern Israel where residents practice the Transcendental Meditation® program. Tal has practiced the TM® technique since early childhood and always dreamt of becoming a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program and coming to MUM.

After high school Tal joined the Israeli Air Force and trained as an air traffic controller. During his initial three-month training, he was so committed to his daily TM program that he persuaded his commander to offer him a private room twice a day for his TM practice, which was an exception previously unheard of. Read more

Justin Cutter — Teaching Sustainability With a Mobile Greenhouse    

MUM alumnus Justin Cutter has a job like no one else’s. For the past three years he has been driving around the country in an 18-foot box truck with a greenhouse in the back, teaching children about organic farming. The project, called Compass Green, raises awareness of sustainability through presentations, workshops, and tours at schools and organizations. Justin is able to follow his passion with the help of a generous group of sponsors.

“At MUM I learned how the world functions and how I function,” said Justin. “That has kept me stable and kept my creativity awake, so that when I see opportunities I can take them, and when I don’t see them I can make them.” Read more

MUM Alumni Join Team of AmeriCorp Volunteers    

Four MUM alumni joined AmeriCorps in September as volunteers to help the University and Jefferson County improve energy efficiency and sustainability. The volunteers are part of Green Iowa, a State and National AmeriCorps program that has existed since 2009. MUM is one of six Green Iowa host sites in the state. AmeriCorp volunteers serve for 11 months and receive a stipend during that time. Read more

Krista Noble - Fantasy Writer and PhD Student    

Krista Noble has always been an avid reader and began inventing her own stories as a young child. Her active imagination led her to begin writing her first fantasy novel at age 12. Since then she has written five. She and her sister were homeschooled on a farm in Maryland by their parents, who are both MUM alumni. The structure of homeschooling gave Krista independence to pursue her creative writing.

As a teenager, she read Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita with her father, which inspired her to study Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM at MUM. She enrolled in the master’s program in 2012 and is now in her first year of the PhD program. “It felt natural to come to MUM; it was like coming home,” said Krista. Read more

Computer Students Contribute to Record Enrollment    

124 students arrived last weekend from 22 countries for the MS in computer science (ComPro), which represents a record entry for the program. The largest numbers are from Nepal, Bangladesh, China, and Egypt. This also helped boost MUM’s enrollment to a new record — well over 1,400 students, including about 130 in South Africa.


Two generous donors saw the potential to increase ComPro enrollment and funded a highly successful Facebook ad campaign which contributed to the record number. According to Craig Shaw, director of recruiting for the Computer Professionals Program, students also discovered the program through LinkedIn and Google. Read more
Lilith Shoemaker - Student Body President    

Lilith Shoemaker grew up in Carmel Valley, California, and spent her early years homeschooled by her parents. She enjoyed learning, but when she entered high school she found the long school days and lack of creativity challenging and unrewarding. So she vowed to find a college where studying would be stress-free and fun. Read more

Sara Sanders — Sustainability, Art, and Leadership    

MUM student Sara Sanders was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and has worked as a touring musician, music teacher, and organic gardener both in Portland and in Minneapolis. When a serious back injury in 2011 left her temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, she began looking for alternative healing solutions and found MUM on the Internet.

Although Sara has taken numerous courses and internships on organic gardening and biodynamic farming, she felt her options of employment without a degree were limited. She was intrigued by MUM’s Sustainable Living program and the idea of discovering herself through meditation, so she came to a Visitors Weekend in May 2012. Read more


Michael Dearborn Has a Passion for Sustainable Design    

MUM alumnus Michael Dearborn has always been interested in design. As a teenager, he learned architectural design, 3D modeling, and rendering and built a portfolio working with his architect father. When he became a Sustainable Living student, he discovered that his passion was sustainable design. For his senior project, he designed algae photobioreactors. In addition, he helped design the MUM biodiesel system, a natural swimming pool, a solar food dehydrator, and numerous other ecomachines.

His design experience proved handy when he got a job at Portapure, a Chicago-based company manufacturing portable water filtration devices. Michael now handles both product and graphic design for the company. Read more

Tawanda Miller — Former Corrections Officer Seeks to Help Inmates with TM    

Tawanda Miller does not fit the typical stereotype of a corrections officer. Yet the petite and soft-spoken North Carolina native worked three years in a correctional facility. Instead of regarding the inmates as criminals, she saw them as troubled people, became their friend, and won their respect. Her previous training as a nurse and her deeply compassionate nature inspired her to help them. Tawanda also became a deputy sheriff — a rare feat for a woman.

Then one day her son, who is an MUM student, sent her a copy of Maharishi’s Science of Being and Art of Living. After reading the book, Tawanda realized there was a way to help inmates. She turned in her gun and badge to come to MUM and become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® program. Read more

South Africa’s Maharishi Institute Graduates First Class    

The first group of 27 students enrolled at the Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg in South Africa graduated in December, with MUM Executive Vice-President Craig Pearson delivering the commencement address and helping award the degrees.

The students received bachelor’s degrees in business from Maharishi University of Management. Students take their initial coursework (86 credits) from faculty at the Institute. Then they enroll with MUM for their final two years of coursework (42 credits), with MUM faculty delivering instruction online. Read more


IBM Selects MUM to Participate in Academic Initiative Program    

IBM has recently selected MUM to participate in their Academic Initiative program which helps teach students market-ready skills by providing free data-mining software and courseware, access to hardware, and training for university faculty.

An immediate benefit of the program is a free campus-wide site license for their data-mining software called SPSS Modeler, the leading statistics and data analytics program in the industry.Read more

James Wilson — Battlefield Meteorologist Studies Maharishi Vedic Science    

James Wilson grew up in Seattle, Washington, and joined the U.S. Air Force at 19. Always looking for unique experiences, he became a battlefield meteorologist. While stationed in the U.S., Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq, he provided combat weather support to Army aviation and infantry units. In 2011, he was named the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Battlefield Weather Noncommissioned Officer of the Year.

James had been interested in quantum physics and discovered the work of Dr. John Hagelin. Soon he learned about the Transcendental Meditation® program and read Maharishi’s Science of Being and Art of Living, which inspired him to learn the TM® technique. But it wasn’t until he left the Air Force, after six years of service, that he was able to learn TM in the fall of 2012. Read more

David Lynch Master’s Degree in Film Began in August    

Legendary filmmaker David Lynch, Trustee Emeritus of MUM, has given his name to the new master’s degree in film at Maharishi University of Management. The one-year program began this August and allows students to create a master project from start to finish, including possible distribution. The goal is to give aspiring filmmakers the time, equipment, and guidance to follow their own vision and create films that have an impact and transform the world. Read more

Alexandra Pomeroy — Blending Art and Sustainability    

New Student Body president Alexandra Pomeroy came to MUM from Pennsylvania, where she studied communications at Penn State University. After a four-year break from college, she searched for a “meditating vegetarian university” on the Internet – and found MUM. When she discovered that the University offered a Sustainable Living degree, she knew she had to come. Read more

MUM Faculty Members Present to Iowa Governor    

MUM faculty members Jane Roman Pitt and Ken West recently collaborated on a music video which they presented to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad in the State Capitol Building in Des Moines. The video, titled “Iowa Gold,” features a song composed and performed by Ms. Pitt and Iowa landscape photos taken by Mr. West.

Ms. Pitt wrote “Iowa Gold” about 20 years ago when she first moved to Iowa and was inspired by the beautiful landscapes. Then last year she saw Mr. West’s photographs in the MUM dining hall. “I was so struck by Ken’s photos, because they were expressing in such depth of richness and color just what I was trying to say in the song.” Read more

Four MBA Teams Finish in Top 10 of National Business Simulation    
August 11, 2013
MUM placed four MBA teams in the top 10 out of 103 teams in a recent online business decision-making contest run by the international Capsim Foundation Business Simulation.

This achievement marks the fourth consecutive year in which MUM’s MBA accounting students have placed at least one team in the top 10. This year five teams competed from MUM, obtaining first, second, sixth, ninth, and 33rd places. Read more

MUMTV Brings Campus Events to the World    

MUMTV was recently launched to provide free live streaming of campus events, as well as an archive library of past talks and conferences. MUMTV has produced seven live web shows and has garnered 3059 viewers since its inception in May. Read more

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin Gives Commencement Address    

On May 25, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin addressed Maharishi University of Management’s 2013 graduating class, praising the University as ”the best holistic approach to education and wellness in life of any university anywhere on the globe.”

He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree for his lifetime of service and compassionate and progressive leadership to Iowa and to the United States. He has served in the Senate since 1985, with ten years of service in the House of Representatives before that. The Senate’s seventh most senior senator overall, he chairs the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Read more

The McLaughlin Building — Promoting the Success of the Computer Professionals Program    

The Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management started in 1996 with nine students. By 2013, over 1,500 students from more than 80 countries have graduated or are currently in the program. Students have been placed in more than 1,000 companies around the United States, including Microsoft, IBM, Google, AT&T, and Wells Fargo.

"It’s a great honor and privilege to contribute to a program that is a success on every level,” Ted McLaughlin said. “We are happy with the planning, financial structure, success, and legacy of the program."

“We have been included every step of the way,” said Barbara McLaughlin. “We feel the success of the program is our success also. It has been a blessing in our lives and very fulfilling.” View brochure

MUM Hosts Conference on Consciousness    

MUM’s Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy hosted a conference on April 20, titled “Our Conscious Future”, to discuss how the latest advances in mind, body, society, and the study of consciousness are converging to create new paradigms for humankind.

“This was a fantastic day of profound and transformational wisdom,” said Dr. John Hagelin, director of the Institute and professor of physics at MUM. “Truly world-class speakers united in a world-class event. It was quite a feather in our cap for our University, and enriching to the whole community. Everyone involved—Michael Sternfeld, DLF-TV, MUM, Maharishi Foundation, the speakers, the performers, the organizers, the sponsors—should really be commended and congratulated.”Read more

Alvaro Monasterio – Serving Students as Associate Director of Residential Life    

MBA student Alvaro Monasterio studied mechanical engineering in his hometown at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain. After completing his degree, he worked for Metro de Madrid monitoring subway construction projects.

While in college, Alvaro became a member of the international student association BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) and traveled around Europe taking seminars in leadership, communication, and coaching. He also served as president of BEST at his alma mater and later started to conduct seminars on leadership, project management, and motivation. Read more

Brian Glassett — Training to Become a Teacher and Leader    

PhD student Brian Glassett grew up in New Jersey in a family that practices the Transcendental Meditation® technique. He studied music and audio production at Drexel University in Philadelphia with the goal of becoming a record producer. However, his life took a different turn.

“I was writing a lot of music and doing other creative things, but all of it felt empty, because I felt empty,” said Brian. “There was something hollow about the culture that I was a part of there. I was sad to see a lot of suffering all around me. I started to look for answers and eventually came back to Maharishi. That's when I went on a TM® residence course that really opened something up inside." Read more

New Online Course on Brain and Consciousness with Dr. Travis and Dr. Wallace    

Two of MUM’s top faculty have joined forces to present their lifetimes of research in the fields of brain, consciousness, and meditation. The new 7-lesson online course, Brain and Consciousness, is taught by Dr. Fred Travis and Dr. Keith Wallace and is now available through MUM Online.

The course explores concepts of mind and brain science and compares the understanding of mind, consciousness, and the body in modern science and Maharishi Vedic Science℠. In addition, recent research during Transcendental Meditation® practice is reviewed in detail. Read more

MIU Alumnus Turns His Hobby Into Successful Online Business    

Eric Rusch, owner of the Internet business Breadtopia, likes to wear many hats. On his website he sells baking supplies; but that’s not all he does. He also makes his own educational videos, writes recipes and articles, maintains the website, conducts product research, and corresponds with customers. Read more

Computer Science Students Place in National Programming Competition    

Khasan Bold and Khongor Enkhbold, students from Mongolia in the MS in Computer Science Program, both recently scored in the top 10 in a national computer programming competition, earning an all-expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley.

Over 400 students participated, from schools such as Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue, MIT, and the University of California-Berkeley. Khongor earned fifth place and Khasan seventh. The competition was sponsored by companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. Read more

Noted Entrepreneur and Organic Herb Producer Speaks at MUM    

We can end global warming — without reducing the number of cars we drive or the number of coal-fired power plants in operation or dialing back other traditional contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere. The simple solution: convert all agriculture to organic agriculture. This was the thesis of a talk given by Tom Newmark as part of the University’s Distinguished Lecture Series.

"The faculty and students at the Sustainable Living Department are thought leaders, bringing fresh vision and consciousness to the critical environmental challenges facing our planet,” Mr. Newmark said. “I'm excited to share our farm, fields, and forests with the students, and it's fantastic that this course will inaugurate what we all hope will be a long-term collaboration between MUM and Finca Luna Nueva.” Read more

Artist Mikaila Maidment Tells Stories with Drawings    

Mikaila Maidment has been drawing for as long as she could pick up a pencil. Her love of painting and drawing led her to study art at MUM, where she received a BFA and then an MFA. Since then, she has painted murals in Ireland, illustrated children's books, and designed products for companies. For a year, she also worked on the faculty of MUM teaching drawing and painting.

“For me MUM is about balance,” Mikaila said. “That’s why I wanted to go to MUM. I didn’t want to sacrifice other parts of my life to study art. I wanted to be a healthy, balanced person. Because there is so much going inward at MUM, I feel that’s exactly what the artistic process is like.” Read more

MUM Presents Maharishi Award to Quiet Zone Team    

At the University’s annual Winter Celebration in December, MUM presented Maharishi Awards to Bill Blackmore, Michael Halley, and Ira Roffel, who helped Fairfield become a quiet zone. Trains passing through the town no longer blare their horns day and night, which significantly improves quality of life.

"One thing I'm particularly proud of," Michael Halley said, "is how in 2010 the City Council unanimously voted to make the quiet zone an official city project — with the motion coming from a council member who formerly opposed it. I credit MUM with teaching me the principles of ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘the world is my family’ that I use every day as a Council member and that helped me create broad support for what was a divisive project." Read more

Geonah Lee Hopes to Introduce Maharishi Ayurveda to South Korea    

Geonah Lee grew up in Seoul, South Korea, the child of the national directors of the International TM® Organization in South Korea, so she learned the TM® technique as a young child and the TM-Sidhi® program as a high school student. Geonah has always been passionate about art, which led her to major in art in high school and enroll in one of Korea’s top art universities. After her freshman year, however, she transferred to MUM to study physiology and health.

“There are three reasons why I came to MUM,” Geonah said. “First, I wanted to really be myself: strong, stable, and fulfilling the self, no matter where I am and who I am with. I thought this environment and the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation would help. The next reason was the diversity. I wanted to be friends with a lot of people from different countries. Maharishi Ayurveda was the third reason because it includes physical, mental, and spiritual health and real beauty, so I was really attracted to this knowledge.” Read more

Dr. Hagelin Speaks at TEDx Conference    

Dr. John Hagelin, professor of physics at Maharishi University of Management, spoke at the prestigious TEDx conference series last November in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hagelin was invited to speak at TEDxWomen after organizers of TED heard him talk at an education summit in New York City organized by the David Lynch Foundation. Dr. Hagelin’s 10-minute talk covered the research on the Transcendental Meditation® program and its effects on health, education, and post-traumatic stress. 15,000 people watched the event live via webcast in special locations organized by TED across the world.

“There was a tremendous coherent focus on what I had to say,” said Dr. Hagelin. “My talk really stood out because it focused on solutions and not just on the problems.” Read more

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