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At its Commencement Board meeting in 2011, the Board modified the University Bylaws, and established ten Standing Committees of the Board.

Nine of these committees together cover all areas of University activity. The tenth, the Executive Committee of the Board, is empowered to act for the Board (in most matters) between Board meetings.

In addition to its Trustee members, members of administration and faculty (particularly the University Executive Committee) are invited to participate in Board Committee meetings as occasion warrants. Other than the Executive Committee of the Board, Committees are advisory in nature: their power is to examine and review the operations in their areas, and when appropriate, make recommendations to the full Board (or the Executive Committee) for action.

Still to come in this section of the website:
  • a fuller description of committee operating guidelines
  • an elaboration of the range of oversight of each Committee (to be developed together with the Committee Chairs and administration)
  • for each individual Committee: Committee meeting notes, planning and assessment documents for every University department and function, and University policies and procedures documents.
Please open this pdf file to see the current (as of Dec. 2014) membership of the board committees, and the committee assignments of each board member.
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