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IT Acceptable Use Policies
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IT Acceptable Use Policies
Summary of Acceptable Use Policies    
Use of Campus Network and other IT infrastructure:
  1. For MUM Teaching and Academic Endeavors 
  2. For MUM Administrative Activities
  3. For Limited Personal Use that does not negatively affect others' use, or cause significant extra support or cost.
Prohibited Use of Campus Network and other IT infrastructure:
  1. Illegal use - prohibited
  2. Private Business use - prohibited
  3. Extensive Personal use negatively affecting the use of others - prohibited
  4. Pornography and Gambling sites - prohibited and filtered
  • The Campus Network and its infrastructure is a resource shared by all on campus. 
  • Over the last few years, there has been an exponential growth in the use of bandwidth per person.
  • Growth in Movie-Video Streaming, Video Phone, Downloads of Large Files, and On-line Gaming have all contributed to this.
  • The University cannot practically provide large enough Internet bandwidth for everyone to do everything at all times.
  • The University does provide bandwidth that is typical of Universities with its size student population and number of campus residents.
  • For the benefit of all, one must carefully use and share this precious resource so all can do the most valuable functions requiring Internet Access
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