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International Business Program Coordinator    
Responsible for the coordination of the MII business program including setting up online courses (on Sakai and Adobe connect), informing faculty about standard procedures which are specific to this program, sending out class evaluation surveys, coordination with registrar of MII for class participants and technical assistance, quality assurance, checking and entering grades for transcripts of students, 
Main Responsibilities
• Accounting including departmental finances, writing and following up on invoices, creating budgets
• Admission and registration
• Monitoring student participation, grade checks and assist with academic problems
• Departmental support, course scheduling, and liaison with faculty
• Quality control on transfer credits and graduation advising
• Maintain and update a Job Manual for this position
• Filing documentation on students’ records and courses
• Scheduling and project management
Job Requirements
• Minimum BA degree, preferably in business administration
• Knowledge of the Excel spreadsheet program to maintain and manipulate data about student registration and accounting of MII expenses
• Knowledge of the MUM online education software AdobeConnect and Sakai (may be learned on the job)
• Excellent communication skills and command of English, both written and spoken
• Knowledge of MS Office Package
• Good organizational skills
• Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, including tact and diplomacy
• Prefer a candidate who can make a 3-5 year commitment
Compro Career Center Trainer and Coach    
The Career Center Coach will be part of the team in the Career Strategies Program, training Compro students how to job search and interview in the U.S. job market.
Main Responsibilities
• Facilitate group breakout sessions for the three week Career Strategies workshops (three weeks long throughout the year).
• Make presentations to the workshop and Career Strategies classes on professional job search topics.
• Ongoing coaching support for students in their job search in person and remotely. Guide them through all the components necessary for a successful job search.
• Give creative input for ongoing development of course materials.
• Interface with recruiters and hiring managers to support students’ hires.
• Bachelors degree
• Excellent communication and organizing skills
• Ability to work in team format
• Fluent with Word, Excel, and using Internet as a resource
• Coaching or teaching experience preferred

Online Student Support Services    
Engage, provide information and support to current and prospective online students by providing quality services for online courses and programs. Includes position student onboarding, work with our Learning Management System (Sakai) and other educational software adapted by the university, respond to online inquiries, and provide help to online students.
Main Responsibilities
• Answer inquiries with information about online courses and programs with current and prospective students.
• Work closely with the Admissions Office to proactively advise online students.
• Coordinate with other academic and functional departments when online students need additional assistance.
• Students onboarding process to online course/program. Including enroll students in LMS (Sakai) and other software/platform been used, and manage onboarding processes for online students.
• Provide regular communication to the team about student services issues, activities, solutions, results.
• Coordinate with instructional designer and other team members to identify opportunities to improve the online student experience.
• Work with instructional and technical staff to explore tools/functions in the Learning Management System (Sakai) and other educational technologies, able to help students with the basic support inquires and requests.

Knowledge and Skills

• Bachelor’s degree
• Ability to communicate effectively by email and phone and attention to details.
• Patience and empathy.
• Basic computer skills and quick learner.
• Self-disciplined in work quality and continuous improvement.
• Skills in establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with all segments of the University.
• Ability to work effectively with ethnic, cultural, and socially diverse online student populations.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Experience in customer/student service, Admissions Office, and online education is a bonus
Instructional Designer    
Provide instructional course design for the development and support of online courses, and develop learning resources and re-visioning of online courses and course segments to provide best options for electronic delivery methods. Provide instructional support and training to faculty member involved in teaching the online courses.

Main Responsibilities
• Provide consultation and support to faculty in the design, development of online courses, or repackage redesign on campus course to online version.
• Consult with individual or group of faculty members on optimal design of online courses and effective uses of multimedia and educational software for instruction.
• Manage course development project from inception to completion.
• Provide training and technical support to faculty teaching online courses.
• Master the current Learning Management System (Sakai) and other software and platform adapted by the university, and apply to course design and development.
• Explore the best practices for online learning and software on the market, evaluate and make suggestions on improving current online teaching and learning experience for both instructor and students.

Knowledge and Skills
• Bachelor’s degree in Education, Instructional Design, Computer Science or related subject preferred.
• Experience with online education.
• Strong technology and computer skills.
• Self-disciplined in work quality and continuous improvement. Able to keep up with evolving educational technology
• Good communication and training skills, and able to perform effectively by email, phone and online conferences.
• Patience and attention to details.
• Skills in establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with all segments of the University.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Senior Software Engineer    
Responsible for researching, gathering system requirements, writing technical specifications, system analyzing and designing, managing development and releases, and coordinating releases and training with other departments.
Must have master’s degree in computer science or related filed plus one year of experience in development: design patterns and system architecture, developing large-scale systems, creating reusable components and API, re-factor existing products, invent and develop desktop and web automation tools to replace manual tasks using JPA or JDBC, Java Mail, Apache POI and Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.
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