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University Planning and Assessment    
Here are the University’s principal planning documents and assessment tools:
  • mission documents, including a new statement of long-term goals
  • the 5-year strategic plan
  • dashboards – 20-30 fundamental performance metrics updated by the offices where the data is compiled, and gathered on a single site (in development)
  • self-study reports prepared for the Higher Learning Commission, and the report of the visiting team at the conclusion of their 2009 10-year comprehensive evaluation.
Also found here are:
  • our “Campaign for MUM - Executive Briefing” endowment fundraising brochure (see also Institutional Advancement)
  • campus master planning working documents (see also Sustainability)
  • MUM books and catalogs, including the current MUM Catalog, the MUM Viewbook published in 2011, and the large Maharishi International University catalog, 1974-1975.
In addition to current documents, prior versions will be presented where available. If you would like to see other documents added, or if there are problems with links, please email

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