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Strategic Plan
Strategic Planning    
2012 Revised 5-Year Strategic Plan – preliminary draft only, not for distribution

Draft of New Strategic Plan (11/29/12): Download as Word (not recommended)

Draft of New Strategic Plan (11/29/12): Download as PDF (recommended)

Old Draft of Strategic Plan (10/30/12): Download as PDF

The 2012 new revised Strategic Plan reflects the past two years' achievements and latest in re-prioritization of expansion initiatives. Key differences between the 2010/11 Strategic Plan and the new draft are:
  1. Enrollment goals have been revised; 
  2. the 2010/11 version presented seven primary five-year strategic priorities, whereas the current draft presents only four. It was felt that by reducing the number we would make the plan more practical as a tool to unify activities of all University faculty and administrators. Our hope is that every University employee will be able to recite the four strategic priorities from memory.
  3. We have addressed an issue that is key to the long-term financial stability of the University that was not clearly addressed before – average fees per student in standard programs.
2010 5-Year Strategic Plan (2011 glossy version) – click to download

In 2009 the University began developing a 5-year strategic plan with input from all University constituents including students, faculty, administrators, trustees, and donors. Utilizing this broad spectrum of input, we developed a plan that articulates our vision of Maharishi University of Management and charts the steps to achieve that vision. We finalized that plan in the fall of 2010 and printed the first public copies in the spring of 2011.

Note: Earlier periods also saw development of Strategic Plans (including, for example, a 2000-2005 Strategic Plan). At a later date, we hope to archive some of these on this site.

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