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Campus Master Plan
Campus Master Planning    

For preliminary draft master plans, documents and maps from the 2011 charrette, go to:
Sustainable Campus Development
Master Planning Contract with Confluence    Read More
November, 2012
In May of 2012 the University received a proposal from Steve Ford at the Iowa City office of Confluence, a landscape architecture firm. Below is their project description; the full proposal contains a more detailed scope, specific tasks to be performed, timelines, and fees. They see the process taking 12 weeks more or less from the time of signing the contract at a cost of about $36,000. Costs could go higher if more work is needed than described in the scope.

The contract with Confluence for master planning is scheduled to be signed in early November 2012. We have worked out all the details and are just waiting for them to send the final signed version. 

Their first official visit to campus is planned for Tuesday, November 6. Steve Ford and Brenda Nelson will first meet with Jon Lipman to get the MSV guidelines, and then with Dr. David Streid, Ceyrena Kay, President Morris, and Trustees Doug Greenfield and Toby Lieb.

Phase I is information gathering, with the scheduled meeting being one of the key elements of that process. We are also planning to do a survey of campus residents and relevant community members, as well as have an open informational meeting for the community at some point. Click "Read More" above for project description and additional documentation.
Campus Master Planning Background, Goals and Objectives    
May, 2012
Dr. Dave Streid, Chief Administrative Officer

The University has had many versions of “Master Plans” throughout the years that have indicated possible locations for buildings and roads. But we currently do not have an adequate master plan that serves as a guide to campus development. When new buildings are proposed, we often look for some empty piece of land that is appropriate to build on without looking holistically at the long range planning for campus. It is absolutely necessary that we develop such a plan for both short term and long range development. Click "Read More" above for additional background, goals and objectives.
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