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Demonstration Lesson Illustrating Maharishi’s Guidelines for the Structure and Materials of a Consciousness-Based Lesson for Higher Education    
Dr. Susie Dillbeck, President of the International Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education, and MUM Trustee, conducts a demonstration lesson illustrating Maharishi’s guidelines for the structure and materials of a Consciousness-Based lesson for higher education. This demonstration lesson was first conducted for the Board of Trustees on May 23, 2012. 

The lesson consists of a 45-minute video, and 4 documents, which can be viewed here or downloaded as PDFs:
  1. the main handout for the lesson - CBE Demonstration Lesson Main Handout.pdf
  2. the course overview chart - CBE Demonstration Lesson Course Overview Chart.pdf
  3. the main points for the lesson - CBE Demonstration Lesson Main Points Chart.pdf
  4. the unity chart for the lesson - CBE Demonstration Lesson Unity Chart.pdf

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