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Faculty Development Seminars    Read More
Guest Speaker & Internship Supervisor Request Form    
Please use this form to request permission to be in the classroom or on campus:
Guest Speaker is an open description of Guests who are in the classroom, publicly performing on campus, an Internship supervisor, or anything in between. 
Guest Speakers are allowed in class 1-3 days. If you plan to have them join your class longer than three days, please submit the Request Faculty Hire Form
If your applicant is a Trustee of the University or on Faculty, they are already approved. 
Guest Speakers must be re-approved every 6 months. To check if someone is pre-approved please contact the Dean of Faculty office dof@mum.edu.
Please allow 2 weeks for processing each request.
Note: Please fill out the Guest Speaker and Internship Supervisor Form for each guest speaker SEPARATELY.

Go to Student Activities page for the complete Events Planning Checklist.
New Faculty Hiring Request Form    Read More

This form is used by Academic Department Heads or Departmental Administrators working closely with the Department Head to begin the hiring process for a new faculty.

To hire a new faculty member for your department.
Step 1: Preliminary Position Approval: Complete this form.
Step 2: The Dean of Faculty notifies the department of the next steps to complete the application. These steps will depend on the position and whether the applicant has taught at MUM before.
Step 3: The Departmental Administrator assembles all parts of the application and submit to the Dean of Faculty.
Step 4: Faculty Personnel Committee evaluates the application.
Step 5: The Dean of Faculty notifies the department of the decision of Faculty Personnel Committee.

Please note: Filling out this form does NOT mean the applicant is automatically hired as faculty. You will be notified by the Dean of Faculty once the applicant has been approved for hiring. 
Teaching Assistant Request Form    Read More

1. Generally there must be at least 25 students signed up in your class.

2. This request must be approved by your Department Head before you complete this form.

Please use this TA Request by Faculty form to request a Teacher's Assistant (TA). 
Your requested TA must fill out this TA Information Form right away, AND contact Taniya Handapangoda, dof@mum.edu, to complete all necessary paperwork. You will be notified of approval between 3-7 business days after paperwork has been completed. The TA is not allowed in the classroom until you have been notified.
If the TA has been in the classroom before contacting Madusha and/or before you have received notification of their approval, please do not expect TA benefits to be dispersed. The faculty member must sign the TA's Timesheet at the end of the course.
The TA must agree to these 5 points:
1. I will not join the classroom before I have notification from the Dean of Faculty office.
2. I must have my faculty supervisor or department administrator sign my timesheet.
3. I will turn in my signed timesheet to the Dean of Faculty office within 3 days of the end on my course.
4. I understand I will be paid on the monthly payroll cycle, which means if my course ends in February the payment is processed March 15th.
5. If for any reason I start TAing later than the first day of the course, my payment will be prorated beginning my first day I am allowed in the classroom. 
Dean of Faculty Visa Card Purchase Form    
This form is used by Department Administrators who used the DOF Visa Card.
It is used for submitting information about all purchases made with the DOF Visa Card.

Requirement: Contact your Academic Department Administrator to assist you in using the DOF Visa Card.
1. Create PO, marked as pre-paid.
2. Once PO is approved use the Visa card to make the purchase. Call DOF x1161 for card information if you do not already have it.
3. Keep approved PO and invoice for your records. Do NOT send to accounting.
4. Once you receive SHIPPING CONFIRMATION submit this form. (There may be multiple shipping confirmations for one order you placed. In this case you submit this form for EACH shipping confirmation. This is because the Vendor will bill the card separately for each shipment. THANK YOU)
5.You will receive an email from DOF with the link to current visa billing statement around the 15th of each month.
6. Fill out the Billing statement regarding each purchase individually.

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