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Library Policy - Important Information for Maharishi University of Management Library Members    
  1. Library Checkouts:
    • Main Collection Books: 28 days
    • Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) & VHS Tapes: 7 days
    • DVDs: 3 days
  1. Library Renewals: patrons can renew three different ways:
    • Using your user ID and password on line to access your account
    • Calling the Circulation Desk at 472-1154
    • Bringing your books into the library
  1. Library Fines:
    • .20 per day per item for main collection books
    • .50 per day per item for dvds
  1. Replacement cost for books: cost of the book plus a $15 processing fee.Library Policies

Library Policies: Read before signing your application!
I agree:
  • To be responsible for all materials borrowed on my card. My card is for my use only and should not be lent or used by anyone else. I understand that I must check out materials before taking them out of the library.
  • To provide identification in order to check out materials.
  • To pay all fines and fees associated with my account including but not limited to overdue fines, repair costs for damaged items, and replacement fees for lost items. I understand that borrowing privileges may be suspended until associated fees and fines are resolved.
  • To report the loss or theft of my card immediately. I am responsible for all items checked out on my card prior to reporting my card lost or stolen.
  • To report changes in my account information in person or by calling 472-1154.
  • On request, and after saving my data, to immediately remit use of computers to student users at high volume times. 
  • To observe proper decorum and good conduct in the library and to refer any issues that might arise with staff or others to the library supervisors
  • To comply with all library rules and policies. I also understand that any failure to comply with library rules and policies may result in termination of my library privileges.
MUM Library Books Donation Policy    
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