Room Reservation
Students and clubs wishing to sponsor or create an event on campus work with Student Activities ( prior to filling out and submitting the event form. Student Activities will provide students and clubs with necessary support and feedback on the event to ensure its success at MUM.
With the high demand currently for our facilities, it is best that you reserve your space a minimum of ONE MONTH in advance.
Below is information you may need to fill out the Event Request Form.

 1. Check the MUM calendars for competing events
If you do not see the space you would like to reserve above, you can contact us below for more information

3. Check fees associated with reserving your space
Please note: there are no rental fees for Student events or Club events

4. Verify that you are following the MUM Event Guidelines

5. Get your event poster approved
Reserve a room for your event:
  • For all reservations, please contact Arla Rabalais:
  • To reserve this room for a public event please go to the Event Request Form using the button below:
Go To Event Request Form
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