Residential Hall Director Job Description
Residential Hall Director (RhD) Job Description    

RD Roles (in order of priority):

Lead Residence Hall Administrator

Student Resource

Community Developer

General Responsibilities:

  1. Develop Community:
    1. Establish and develop good relationships with your RA’s & residents
    2. Promote a clean, and creative living environment
    3. Monitor All living Spaces (physical furniture, cleanliness)
    4. Help the facilitation of RA programs, coordinate RA programming reporting, document programs with photo’s (blog?)
    5. Keep track of any short leaves of absence (RA’s leaving for weekend), report your own leaves to RezLife Director
  2. Uphold Community Standards & University Policy
    1. Attend all RezLife meetings, RezLife training sessions, and Host Residence Hall meetings (as necessary)
    2. Coordinate Move In/Move Out & Room Change processes.
    3. Report physical problems to appropriate MUM Department.
    4. Keep an active inventory over Dorm Items (furniture/television/entertainment & workout equipment)
    5. Facilitate open dialog, including promoting intercultural communications and conflict resolution as needed within your community.
    6. Ensure compliance with community standards and issue warnings if necessary.
    7. Clearly communicate University policy, uphold compliance with University policy and promptly report any violations to RHD’s, the Department of Residential Life, and/or Security.
  3. Safety and Security
    1. Clearly communicate Campus Safety policies to students, and report violations.
    2. Be familiar with all emergency protocols, safe zones, & fire equipment.


Expectations and Compensation:

  1. Full Year Commitment
    • Compensation depends on situation with HR Department (typically $350 per month + staff privileges, may vary)
  1. As much time as needed
  2. Enjoy this experience


Residence Hall Director’s Essential Tasks:

1. Monitor Building condition

  • Repairs
  • Report Damages / Vandalism
  • Inventory furniture, entertainment, & workout equipment / spaces

2. Keep track of cleaning status of bathrooms – (use RA’s)

3. Coordinate Move In/Out rooms checks (use RA’s)

4. Meet w/ RA’s about their programs

5. Hold meetings to address any other dorm events or issues


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