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MUM Lean Portal

Welcome to the MUM Lean Portal. You will find a wealth of information related to our university’s mission to bring higher levels of efficiency to our operations by applying Lean Management principles.

Lean enables us to do less and accomplish more:

  • streamline our processes
  • improve services
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • build capacity for enrollment growth
  • conserve resources
  • have fun

How to navigate this site

  • Learn about LEAN philosophy applied to higher education by visiting our Lean Overview page
  • Read about our institution’s Lean journey and the team in charge of supporting this initiative by visiting the MUM Lean Team page
  • Our Lean Everyday: Success Stories section features short stories from staff members who have applied Lean principles to their job with great results.
  • The Completed Lean Projects section provides a summary on several Lean facilitations conducted on key areas of our university.
  • Learn Lean principles and useful tools you can apply in your job with our comprehensive Online Tutorial

We want to hear from you!

Your feedback is important to us. Email us at lean@mum.edu with comments, questions, or ideas for Lean projects.

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