Arts Center Theater
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Arts Center #105
Arts Center Theater
Design Studio
Arts Center #110
Arts Center #116
Would you like to book the Arts Center Theater for events or courses?    
Step #1 - Check Availability

Step #2 - Check the MUM Community Calendar (only applicable for an event)

If you would like to get the best bang for your event buck, make sure you are not competing with any other events on campus. Click HERE to see the MUM Community Calendar

Step #3 - Resources

The following resources are available in this space:
  • Seats 175 people
  • Access to the "Knowledge Network" aka MUM Tape Library
  • Ethernet
  • Screen for projector (currently you must bring your own projector. Contact your department to borrow one)
  • Sprung Wooden Floor (for dancing)
  • "Green Screen" wall
Step #4 - Fees for using the space

Click HERE for the MUM rental fee schedule

Step #5 - Verify that you are following the  MUM Event Guidelines

Click HERE for the MUM Event Guidelines

Step #6 - Reserve the Space

Contact Tracy Harrington: for booking 

Step#7 - Payment for the space can be made in the MUM Housing office in Argiro. Checks are payable to "Maharishi University of Management"
NOTE: Paying all fees associated with your event finalizes the reservation process. Failure to pay fees due within 48 business hours causes a forfeit of the space.

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