Event Guidelines
Event Guidelines    
Students and clubs wishing to sponsor an event on campus work with the club’s advisor or a faculty advisor of their choice to make sure the movie or event respects the following guidelines. 
1) Film Screening
Students and clubs wishing to sponsor a film screening or other event on campus work with the club’s advisor or a faculty advisor of their choice to make sure the movie or event respects the following guidelines.

Legal permission
We must have permission from the copyright holder to show a film. This can be costly, depending on the film. (A very limited exception allows the showing of movies in an ongoing academic class with face-to-face teaching.) For music played at an event, the University has BMI and ASCAP licenses.

We recognize that film and other media have powerful effects on the audience, life-supporting and non-life-supporting. At MUM, we favor the life-supporting because we understand that what we put our attention on grows stronger in our lives, and we wish to promote life-supporting influences in our campus culture. Therefore we ask sponsors to consider the effect of the film or other event on those participating. We also ask sponsors to inform potential viewers of what to expect so that they can decide if they wish to view the film or participate in the event.
  1. Films available in the MUM Library may be shown without further consideration, provided that we have legal permission.
  2. Other films and presentations may be offered provided they are respectful of our diverse, multi-cultural student body, ultimately life-affirming and nourishing, and not depressing or negatively overshadowing. In addition, we ask that event sponsors respect the following:
  • no extreme, graphic, or prolonged violence, or suicide
  • no excessive coarse language
  • only brief nudity, if any (and not full)
  • nothing at odds with the university's educational mission (e.g., promoting another form of meditation, use of drugs and alcohol, criminal behavior, etc.)
We understand that there is a subjective element to determinations of whether a proposed film or event is consistent with these guidelines. Therefore, if a proposal is disapproved:
  • the person who disapproved will explain
  • the student or club sponsoring the event will be asked to find another way to reach the outcome desired by the event, and
  • the Department of Student Life will convene a review committee of three individuals consisting, if possible, of the chair of the MUM Art Department and/or Media and Communications Department or designee(s), a professor of social justice if available, and the Dean of Student Life or designee
The Dean of Student Life or designee may also disapprove a proposed event if he or she determines that it does not meet the above guidelines. In such a case, the above procedures shall be followed.

2) Guest speakers
If you would like to host a guest speaker, please ask your faculty advisor to submit a guest speaker request. Please wait for approval before proceeding with the event.

3) To enhance the educational value of the event
Where appropriate, we encourage the event sponsor to invite a faculty member to participate in the discussion of a film or other topic.

4) Procedures
After the student or club and faculty advisor have concluded that the proposed event respects the above guidelines, the student or club should contact Student Activities for assistance with scheduling and publicizing the event, as well as for understanding the simple procedures to help make the event a success.

5) Cleaning Up
After you have a successful event, you must reset the space to its original configuration. You also must take out the trash (if you have an event that includes food or drinks) and clean the space. 
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