What is an Internship? Goal & Rules
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What is an Internship? Goal & Rules
Goal of an Internship    

The goal of internships in the University is to enable students to enrich their academic study with additional training and/or apply what they have learned as part of their MUM coursework.

Definition of an Internship

  • An internship at MUM is an academic and practical learning experience related to a student’s major or minor or a field a student intends to pursue after graduation.
  • The internship supplements what students are learning in class and/or provides further practical work experience in the field of interest.
  • A student who has gained prior academic knowledge in the area of employment and now wishes to apply it to a real-world situation, may take an internship in which the on-site supervisor is like a “client” who is providing the opportunity and supervision, but not an extension of learning in the particular internship area (the faculty advisor in this case, provides the learning and mentoring in the area of the internship).
  • An internship is not just a job unrelated to student’s area of interest and academic training.
  • There must be sufficient academic content, assignments and ‘deliverables’ (e.g. journals, essays, projects) to warrant academic credit and the number of credits requested. The specifics of the internship are agreed upon by the faculty advisor and the on-site supervisor, directly administered by the on-site supervisor and overseen by both. See “Faculty Advisor” and “On-Site Supervisor” below for details.

Limits and Requirements

  • International students (F1 Visa holders) must speak to Nancy Watkins, the International Student Advisor, before starting any internship, in the U.S. or abroad, and she will discuss the internship in terms of student visa requirements. She must sign the internship form in order for final approval to occur.
  • A maximum of 16 units derived from any combination of Directed Studies and Internships may be applied to degree requirements. Some departments have advanced projects (with a catalog course number) that are not included in this 16 credit total.
  • A student should have completed their first year at MUM or have several courses in CBE (such as STC, Physics, Physiology is Consciousness, Higher States) and in their major at MUM before applying for an internship. This applies to all students, including transfer students, but is essential information for F1 visa holders.
  • If an internship is planned for the summer please check with the Financial Aid office in the Enrollment Center for information regarding financial aid.
  • A student must have demonstrated a sufficiently high level of personal responsibility and academic achievement to be approved for an internship.  Students on probation are not eligible to apply for internships.

Faculty Advisor

  • The student is supervised by a faculty advisor who has academic knowledge or practical expertise in the field of the internship who sets the learning guidelines and deliverables and is in touch with the on-site supervisor to insure a meaningful experience for the student.
  • Faculty may offer advice and guidance as the mentor (in lieu of the on-site supervisor) outside the university if the organization does not have an on-site supervisor who can offer guidance in the subject area of the student’s activity.  (Example: website development for an education provider).
  • Faculty should turn in a grade within ten days of completion of the internship. If the student has not turned in the internship deliverables within that time, the faculty can give an Incomplete or a No Credit, as appropriate.

On-Site Supervisor

  • Supervision is primarily a qualified on-site supervisor in the reputable organization where the internship is taking place and who conducts the daily learning experience.
  • Adjunct faculty at MUM may also be on-site supervisors.
  • Students are not on-site supervisors.
  • All on-site supervisors are approved through Dean of Faculty’s office the same as guest speakers at the University

Setting the Learning Outcomes

  • For all types of internships, Faculty can create in their departments a rubric of learning outcomes that can be applied to each internship situation, so that academic credit is justified and awarded based on standards set in the department (and approved by the Academic Standards Committee for each internship).
  • An internship course and number should be available in the MUM Catalog for undergraduate internships and one for graduate level internships (as applicable). This is particularly important for processing International Student internship requests.
  • The second page of the internship form allows the faculty to specify the learning deliverables and outcomes that the students should achieve to fulfill the academic credit-bearing aspect of the internship. This second page should be discussed with the student for maximum agreement and understanding of the format the outcomes will take. The outcomes can include reports, blogs, presentations, etc.

International Internships

Students must have health insurance coverage for both the round-trip travel and the duration of the international internship, whether the student is a U.S. or an International student.   

Due to regard for health and safety of student, International Internships are allowed if all the usual procedures of approval for internships are followed and:  

  •  They are in the student’s home country
  • (or) The internship is with reputable organizations that:
    • Offer international  internships routinely
    • Meet the other criteria for academic content and mentorship outlined in this document
    • Are not in countries which 1) are on the U.S. State Dept. risk list or 2) are seen by MUM Success Center and/or MUM Faculty and/or MUM Administration to have appreciable health or safety risks
    • Offer reasonable housing, food, and transportation options for the student


  • An International Internship Agreement Form must be signed by the student prior to any international internship. 
  • This form is available through Zhuo Jiang, room 105 in Dreier or online (see “Internship Approval Form”). 
  • The original signed form must be returned to Sheila Swanson in room 105A.
  • Students under age 18 must have the form signed by a parent.
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