Estate Planning Seminar
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Estate Planning Seminar
Listen to Complete Presentation of May 7, 2014 Seminar    
Seminar on Estate Planning—May 7, 2014    

Seminar on Estate Planning in a New Tax and Legislative Environment

Part 1:  Creating a Basic Estate Plan in a New Tax and Legislative Environment

1.    Basic  Considerations

  • Why Should You Be Concerned About Estate Planning in the First Place?
  • The Planning Documents that Everyone Should Have in Place
  • Wills vs. Revocable Trusts:  What is the Difference?
  • Engaging a Lawyer to Create an Estate Plan

2.    Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes….

  • Hasn’t the Estate Tax Been Repealed?
  • Recent Changes in the Tax Laws that Impact Estate Planning
    1. Exemptions and Rates
    2. Portability
    3. Resurgence of State Estate Taxes
    4. Estate Taxes vs. Income Taxes
  • A Complex and Uncertain Future

3.     Trusts for People Who Depend Upon You

  • Why Create a Trust?
  • The Traditional Trust:  Tension of Protection vs. Control
  • A New Model for Trusts:  Enjoying Protection with Control
  • Roles in a Modern Trust 

4.     Planning for Your Own Incapacity

  • Statistical Realities About Longevity and Families
  • The Essential Documents
  • Decision-Makers and Care-Givers

5.     Increased Importance of Estate Planning in the Twenty-First Century  

Part 2:  How to Meet Your Philanthropic Goals—Building a Philanthropic Structure

              That is Right for You

1.    Understanding your Philanthropic Objectives

2.    Forms of Charitable Gifts:  “Purely” Charitable Gifts

  • Giving to a Donor-Advised Fund
  • Giving to a Public Charity
  • Giving to a Private Foundation

3.  Form of Charitable Gifts:  “Split Interest” Charitable Gifts

  • Giving to a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Giving to a Charitable Lead Trust

4.   Tax Considerations in Charitable Giving

  • Income Tax Considerations
  • Estate Tax Considerations
  • Legislative Uncertainty and its Possible Impact

5.   Trends in Philanthropy:  “Venture” Philanthropy, Microfinance and Gifts of Alternative Assets

6.   Philanthropy and Your Family

  • Mission Statements
  • Family Meetings
  • Discussing Philanthropy and Estate Planning with Your Family 


View Complete Presentation of May 7, 2014 Seminar Available Below    
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