Letter from Dr. John Hagelin
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Letter from Dr. John Hagelin
MUM Annual Fund
Maharishi University of Management MUM Annual Fund Dr John Hagelin Our successes belong to you—to our visionary donors...

Dear alumni and friends,

Frühling ist (finally) gesprungen! After a long winter that did not seem to phase our stalwart, cheerful students in the least, Spring is blossoming across our beautiful, bustling campus, blessed with buds and flowers, birdsong, and longer and warmer days.

Not only did we survive the polar vortex… we thrived! And we are celebrating the most exciting and momentous achievements in our University’s history.

Our brilliant faculty addressed and co-hosted back-to-back historic conferences. At the invitation of Prime Minister Modi, our faculty and other select international speakers addressed over 300 top Indian government leaders and foremost spiritual leaders. Maharishi’s unique scientific approach to the topic “Creating an Ideal Vedic India” impressed, amazed, and sometimes startled the audience. The results coming out of the conference are momentous and inspiring. Every day was presided over by the Shankaracharya who, of course, reveres Maharishi, and it was heartening to see the extent to which all the Indian spiritual leaders hold Maharishi in utmost esteem.

Our faculty were astonishingly impressive, compelling, and brilliant! And many had an opportunity to shine once again, by dominating the annual, global Maharishi AyurVeda Congress, which was held in Holland this year to honor Maharishi and his immense contribution in this field.

On other fronts: In February, the University achieved its all-time highest student enrollment—over 1,400 students from 80 countries. In the Fall, an exciting new MA in Sustainable Living program begins. At the same time, MUM will begin collaborating closely with a modern-medical school to provide a dual MD/MS degree in integrative medicine—a first. In our David Lynch MA in Film program, an esteemed veteran Hollywood producer will guide students in creating TV shows. All these new initiatives will further boost student enrollment.

MUM was just named an “Iowa Blue Zones Wellness Worksite,” and also placed fourth on the list of 50 Top Environmental Science Schools. These accomplishments showcase the University’s extraordinary achievements in health, wellness, and sustainability.

We are revamping and uplifting our campus with your generous support, including major renovations of classrooms, residence halls, and offices. And we are planning a fabulous new park east of Argiro, with amphitheater, watercourse, and fountains.

Our brilliant and wonderful students continue to win top honors in national and international competitions—and to participate in the Domes, in TM Teacher Training, and in leadership conferences on bringing Maharishi’s programs to the world.

It is also exciting that our commencement speaker this month was Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, the former prime minister of Japan.

All these, and many more, successes belong to you—to our visionary donors who provide the financial foundation for all our achievements. As our Annual Fund drive nears its completion on June 30, please join me in giving generously today. Together, we will build upon this great momentum—as we create and inspire a new generation of enlightened leaders.

With deep thanks for your timely support, and best wishes for your success and happiness,

Maharishi University of Management

John Hagelin, Ph.D.
Honorary Chair, Board of Trustees
Raja of Invincible America


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